Christmas Limited Edition - Binky Band ©

Christmas Limited Edition - Binky Band ©

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This is the modern day Binky!
100% hands free & worry free that your child doesn't drop it on the dirty floor!
Each Binky Band comes with elastic looped inside two teething beads. Just simply put the Binky band around their wrist just like you would a bracelet. It can be easily hand washed after tiniest of messes.

The teething beads range 5MM- 17MM in diameter and perfect for the littlest of hands to wear!
The teething beads are durable enough for the toughest of kids and completely safe to chew on!

The teething beads are BPA FREE, untreated and checked for any imperfections.

Babies love to gum & suck on the teething beads. It feels good on their gums and our Binky Bands © are a great alternative to those teething toys that require hands or constant pulling on your neck due to you wearing them as your own personal jewelry.

Product care
All items are handcrafted with lots of love, so the care for your new purchase should be the same. Here are a few helpful tips.
•Hand wash teething beads & elastic band ONLY don't put into the washer and or dryer machine.
•Place flat on a dry cloth to dry for best results.

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